Precision Collets DIN 6388/ISO 10897-B (OZ - double slotted) - GOZ-DG



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Concentricity and repeatability

    average of 3µm (exception see chart) checked with Precision Collets Chucks CENTRO P at a distance of 3xD (max. 50 mm)


for HSC and for high precision work with FAHRION Precision Collets Chucks CENTRO P


h10 in CENTRO P (no collapse which has a negative influence on the concentricity) | since only then the best concentricity and clamping force is provided

Special features

double slotted (10 slots up to Ø 10,0 mm and 12 slots for larger Ø) with 0,5 mm collapse for clamping cylindrical shanks and twist drills on their lands
E-­No. FM-­No. T D L ProfileBore  
0462E FM25DG-HP 3µm -0,5 35,05 52