Clamping Nuts DIN6499/ISO 15488 for Sealing Discs STME-DI



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Concentricity and repeatability

    extremely high due to the fact that the thread and taper are ground in one operation


for all collet chucks, collet holders and acceptances DIN 6499/ISO 15488 (ER/ESX)


other executions, e.g. Clamping Nuts with External Thread (also for Sealing Discs HPDI), are available on request


with EasyClick and six slots (form E)   case-hardened (660 HV10) and burnished   since January 2007 all new series of clamping nuts with remark EasyClick are manufactured in this execution   offers better balance compensation for higher speed and an optical engaging feature

Special features

can be used up to 80 bar with sealing discs HPDI   reasonable alternative compared to other sealing systems   all collets with outside form DIN6499/ISO15488 can be clamped   also available in type B   Execution type B – for tools, which have to be clamped with increased clamping force   more tenacious and harder because of a special heat treatment   unchanged mass, protection against corrosion and lower friction are additional advantages compared to the standard execution   the low friction takes effect in the thread as well as at the 30° cone of the collet and results in an approx. 50% higher clamping force   type B nuts are not recommend for high precision applications
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Description Order-­No. max. clamping torque max. r.p.m. D L G   
STM16E-DI-B 2242200 50 Nm 40000 32 22 M22x1,5  
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STM20E-DI-B 2242300 75 Nm 40000 35 23,2 M25x1,5  
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STM25E-DI-B 2242400 85 Nm 35000 42 24,7 M32x1,5  
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STM32E-DI-B 2242500 105 Nm 35000 50 27 M40x1,5  
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STM40E-DI-B 2242600 150 Nm 25000 63 30,7 M50x1,5  
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